Book Club Do’s and Don’ts

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Today I Googled “How to start a book club” (because that’s the first step of anything these days, right?) and I got some interesting advice.


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Things you should do:

Pick a time and place (my apartment, I suppose).

Decide what kind of books you’ll read (short fiction and essays).

Figure out you’ll develop discussion questions (maybe everyone brings one thing they want to discuss?).

Decide on whether there will be food (to which I say, duh there will be food).

What you shouldn’t do: Read members favorites because it might lead to hurt feelings “like inviting people into your living room to critique your decor. Ouch. Best to stay on neutral territory.”

What? Is this really something to worry about? I thought a book club sounded like a great way learn about your friends by reading stuff they love. Sorry, Internet, I might not take all your advice on this one.

What do you think? Also, please share any good, short reads.