Writing and Wisdom

Gratitude, Musings, Writing

No time for a long post today, but I do want to share some words of wisdom from Barbara, an amazing writer and long-distance friend. She just wrote a blog post about finding our passions and writing and editing as a metaphor for life. Well-timed for my own writing challenge this month, but meaningful for non-writers too:

“there i was, red pen in hand, poring over pages that are typed-out vessels from my heart. more like prayer cards, each and every one. it’s called editing, but really it’s distilling. distilling to the essence, paring away excess. cutting to the bone. it happens to be essential to the craft of writing, but really it’s essential in this odyssey called life.”

Read the whole thing — you won’t regret it. I’ll be carrying her words with me as I try to stick with my goals, which are (now that I think about it) an attempt to find out what’s essential to my life.

Today I’m grateful for: the wise women in my life, including my mom who I am visiting this weekend.


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