Just Kidding — Let’s Keep Building Community


This weekend at my parent’s house, my mom told me that she liked my blog but it seemed that I was only just getting started with the theme of building friendships and community. Since my mother is always right (a running joke between the two of us) you can ignore what I said last week. After all, I’m still organizing a book club for the first time, I still have more letters to write, and there’s the church thing … why not keep on writing about it? Do the topic justice.

I’m reintroducing my goals, updated for September:

1. Host our first book club gathering. George Saunders will kick us off because George Saunders is amazing.

2. Write more letters to my long-distance friends.

3. Follow up at church and be open to serving in ways that are outside my comfort zone even if it makes me a little nervous.

2 thoughts on “Just Kidding — Let’s Keep Building Community

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