Building Community: Final Thoughts (For Now)


I’m feeling scattered. Ironically, I’ve been acting like a hermit this week. I’ve feeling under the weather and slightly overwhelmed. Transitions, money, writing, life in general are all on my mind, but I can’t express anything coherently today, so let’s just revisit this month’s goals, shall we? I’ll move on to blog about some new challenges next week, but the ones I’ve set in motion this month are still taking shape. So, this is more of an update than a reflection this time around.

1. Start a short-fiction book club. Biggest step accomplished: I’ve roped in some friends. Now comes the fun part of picking reading material and organizing our first meeting.

2. Write letters. Mailed one today! And I plan to buy some pretty new cards with my next paycheck.

3. Find a way to get more involved at church. Not sure where this one is going, but I volunteered to help out. I’m sure something will evolve from this …

Have these goals made me more grateful? Let’s see. They have made me feel overwhelmed and a tad resentful at times. Especially on nights when I’d rather kick back with a beer on the couch, I think, “Why am I doing this? I’m too tired/busy. No one reads my dumb blog anyway, so what does it matter?” But then out of guilt I do the thing I’d said I’d do and I actually feel good. I’m really excited for this book club, and grateful that I have friends who want to give it a go. So, I’m actually quite grateful for this blog and accountability.

Today I’m grateful for: Holiday weekend! I’m going to visit my family and every iota of my being is aching for Friday afternoon to get here already.


4 thoughts on “Building Community: Final Thoughts (For Now)

  1. Me too! I feel (about volunteering at church) like that very often. I just want to not be there or not do this or that right then. I go, and do what I’ve committed to do and feel strangely fulfilled….even though I was mentally kicking the entire way. Keep it up….the sense of accomplishment (along with so many other benefits) is so worth it.

  2. Well, y’all should comment more to keep me accountable. =) Seriously, though, thanks for the feedback. I can’t wait to update again once some of this stuff starts to evolve.

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