Building Community, Week Two in Review


My progress report this week is … fair, I suppose. In terms of meeting my goals, I expressed interest in helping out at my church (that’s big!). But I didn’t write a single letter, and have yet to take any steps towards the book club besides compiling a list of all the short fiction I want to read.

Instead of being productive, I spent most of my evenings laying on the couch after I pulled a back muscle my back at kickboxing class. This makes me sound like a wuss, but it hurt. So, while icing down my throbbing back, I started watching the first season New Girl on Netflix and pondered a very important question: How can I get my hair to look like Zooey Deschanel’s? (Or at least the shorter version of her hair.)

Today I’m grateful for: Netflix. And ice packs. And this really lovely blog post.

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