Say Yes


Funny how when you declare your intention to the universe (or the Internet), it answers. One of my goals for this month is to get more involved at my church. Lo and behold, I’m asked out of the blue to help out on a sort-of committee aimed at “re-imagining” one of our services.

Immediately, though, I get nervous. I’m not qualified! What if people don’t like my ideas? What if I don’t have time because the balance between work, gym, social life, my marriage, etc. is already so precarious?

And so on. But this time, I think I’m just going to take the plunge. Lots of lady mags (ok, Oprah’s magazine) give advice about saying, “no” and it’s good advice. Boundaries, you know. Sanity. All that good stuff. But when do you answer with a big old, “yes”? When you’ve resolved to do something and made it public, I suppose! But really, I want to say, “yes” more often, instead of worrying about the outcome of something before it even begins.

Today I’m grateful for: the fact that my kicks are getting higher in kickboxing class. I feel like my rusty body is starting to loosen up. ( did martial arts for 10 years, so I’m trying to get those kicks to feel like they used to!)

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