Wellness Challenge, Week Two in Review


Goal #1: Workout 3-4 times a week.

Killed it this week. Not only did I fit in FOUR workouts instead of three, I did my own push press/burpee/kettleball swing routine all by myself (i.e. for the first time without my trainer). The hardest part is focusing on my workout and not people watching/feeling self conscious that people are watching me. I’m working on it.

Goal #2: Pack and eat healthy snacks.

Total fail … probably because I didn’t do a very good job grocery shopping this week. But I did finish VB6 and am eager to try some of the recipes.

Goal #3: Eat all the CSA veggies.

Another fail, because I didn’t get my box this week. I guess I’ll just try again next week.*


*We’ll see if that pans out, though, because I’m going on vacation for most of next week. My hubby and I are going to hang out at lakehouse with some good friends. We intend to relax do as little as possible. Also, there is no Internet at the lake. I count that as a perk, so you won’t be hearing from me much next week. But I’ll try to keep the momentum going when I return.

TGIF. Have a great weekend, y’all.


2 thoughts on “Wellness Challenge, Week Two in Review

  1. The lakehouse will be wonderful and we can work out together too, if you want. Otherwise, we can just drink margaritas and lay out on the boat. See you soon!

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