End of Week Check In: There Are No Silver Bullets


Week one, success or failure? Let’s see. Exercise 3-4 times, check. (I managed three.) Pack and eat healthy snacks …. eh, not so much. Eat all the veggies, close. Lots of spinach smoothies this week, which was good. But there’s room for improvement.

An okay start. But I’ve started to question my expectations. This week I was frustrated because even though I was exercising and drinking spinach smoothies (so healthy!) I still felt kinda cranky and off kilter. Work was a blur and I spent a lot of time fantasizing about going on vacation. I was easily overwhelmed by some fairly simple health insurance paperwork. I snapped at my husband. But what did I expect?

I think I fell into the trap of thinking, “If I just do _____” (drink more water, go on this diet, try this new workout, lose xxx many pounds) I will transform into a more enlightened, patient, happy person. Wah wah. Nope. I’m not saying the project isn’t worthwhile — I think it is. But look how quickly I started thinking of this project not as a positive lifestyle change, but as a silver bullet. Whoops. That’s the opposite of what I’m trying to do here. I don’t want to think, “If I just did _____, everything would be fine.” Because then you’re always chasing the next thing, right?

Tricky, tricky. Maybe it does come back to the way you frame things, huh?

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