Salsa Dancing (and Some Thoughts on Money)


Today I am thankful for that fleeting moment in Zumba when we were all salsa dancing away and I felt kinda sexy. For a second. It was cool.

Reading The Happiness Project has got me thinking about money and happiness. Can money buy happiness? I think yes and no. Money does not automatically guarantee happiness, partly because we adjust very quickly and easily to our circumstances (one reason why it’s hard to feel grateful on day-to-day basis). But having enough to live on makes me happy. I’m grateful for that. And spending money on Zumba classes makes me happy. For some people, it might be frivolous, but it makes me feel good and I actually want to do it. So, money can be a tool for gaining happiness. 

Or maybe I am wrong. Maybe I am not spiritual enough. Maybe happiness comes when you’re not attached to money and things. But I sure appreciate having enough to pay for Zumba classes, especially after a long day at work earning the money I need to live on.


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